Noiseless Steel is an acoustically constructed product specifically designed to reduce noise and vibrations.
Paragon Manufacturing’s sandwiched steel panels consists of two sheets of metal with a visco-elastic inner layer that results in a metal / plastic / metal (MPM) panel. These acoustically designed panels help reduce noise and vibration by damping structure-borne noise, insulating against air borne sounds, and damping inherent vibrations.
Typical industrial applications include uses on chutes, machinery covers, and compressors with expected noise level reductions of 10-20DBa.
A wide variety of material types, grades, sizes, and thicknesses are available. Our noiseless metal is available in a variety of metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, and deep-drawn steel, in addition to combinations of these materials.
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The Benefits
• Quiet equates to quality.
• Reduced noise level of 10-20db.
• Build in environmental (OSHA) compliance.
• Noiseless steel can be welded, formed and stamped.
• A variety of materials can be used for the sandwiched steel panels (e.g., Deep-drawn steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic-laminated or enameled sheet metals, etc.)
• Asymmetrical size and material types available.
• Noiseless Steel panels can be selected to complement the strength of the structure.
• Overall size/thickness will remain the same or be less than current damping application.
• Machine tool panels can be directly mounted on the machine without insulating spacers.
• Competitively priced with other damping materials.
• Panels, chutes, cabinets, and hoods can be customized to meet your specifications.